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…And the Japanese are at it Again!

by- Eisha Gupta

I thought I had seen it all. Mind you, I do not watch a lot of Japanese videos but one would’ve thought that they had no appetites for creating seemingly non-humorous videos. The ones I have watched (the ones which went viral on YouTube) were mostly ads featuring crazy choreography, funny Japanese-to-English pronunciations and really weird deodorant videos. And let’s be honest, whichever Japanese video has gone viral has mainly been funny or very-strange-that-it-is-funny but nothing with a dash of straightforwardness or I think honesty (?) about it (except perhaps that one video about a dog who refused to abandon its canine friend when both were stranded after the earthquake and tsunami). The latest in the list is a Nuclear Boy video which explains the ongoing events in the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant in a cartoonish way. In the video the Fukushima nuclear plant is represented as a boy named ‘nuclear boy’ who is suffering from a stomach ache and needs to be cured before he releases poop (radiation). The video explains how ‘doctors’ (the employees of TEPCO which runs the plant) are working in shifts day and night to ensure that nuclear boy gets better. Also featured are cameos by Three Mile Island boy and Chernobyl boy. The video seems an obvious attempt at explaining the concern the world has with the Fukushima power plant to kids in a way they can relate to (stinky diapers, medicine and the like). But I think it appeals in a simple way to adults as well. The message they wish to spread about praying for the wellbeing of the people living in the Fukushima prefecture was heartwarming. All in all, this video jogs your brain cells into thinking about nuclear energy and our future and it’s definitely worth a watch.


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This entry was posted on April 4, 2011 by in International.

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