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By Sumedha Bharpilania

The man who was responsible for materializing the unthinkable concept of a ‘model village’ is now sowing seeds of hope in the hearts and minds of the common Indian person – the hope of achieving a ‘model nation’, one that is sans the evils of corruption. 71 year old PadmaShri Anna Hazare- one of India’s most popular social activists, went on a hunger strike until death from the 5th of April 2011 in order to persuade the Indian Government to enforce the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ (Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill) that checks corruption by meting out punishments in the form of imprisonment to the guilty and seizing all wealth acquired by the wrong means.

The protest has drawn lakhs of supporters (if the power of the social network is to be taken into account)-students, home-makers, retired officials alike, also including famous faces like Dr Kiran Bedi, Mallika Sarabhai, Swami Agnivesh and Baba Ramdev to name a few. Hazare and his supporters marched from Rajghat to India Gate where he offered prayers and finally to Jantar Mantar where the main protests are being held. It has gained a lot of media attention- a positive proceeding and negative to some extent too, however last heard, people of extreme ‘repute’ like Uma Bharti and O.P Chautala were banned from getting through the venue gates to appease the man on fire. This hints at the all those good things that come out of a roused mob- that are in store for us in the near future (very near to be precise).

It was sad to learn that Hazare’s pleas were earlier rebuffed by the Prime Minister, but the way the protest has grown in number in order to compel the government to act is indeed commendable. It is also heartening to learn that this has been a means of bringing the country and its citizens together- an embodiment of the concept of ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. If Hazare’s noble deed bears fruit, the Government will then be forced to act in a responsible manner and the ‘aam aadmi/aurat’ can be assured of the fact that his/her hard-earned income will not be going to the dogs. Keeping in mind the recent overflow of scams in the country- the Commonwealth Games issue, 2G Spectrum Scam and the Adarsh Society scam being a drop in the ocean, we as responsible citizens, are not supposed stay mum anymore. There is an urgent need to bring the unaccountability and incapacity of the government into conspicuity. One way of doing this is by supporting the man behind the spark, it is only then that transgression and illicitness can be set alight.  

As far as the big man is concerned, one can often wonder as to what he has inside of him that keeps him going despite old age- the answer, however is obvious considering the fact that the soldier he has been, the strength and vigour gained by virtue of it forces him to keep fighting till the end and never give up. We salute the Anna Hazare and his efforts and earnestly hope his actions bring this country into better shape- one that is an example of the nation that everyone desires to be a part of.

To quote Anna Hazare with his Gandhian beliefs:  “There is no faith left in politicians and bureaucrat’s and its time that the people are allowed to decide what they want “. “The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. Some are living to eat while others are struggling to eat enough to live.” All that he needs to bring this belief to reality is a bit of support from the people.

 With parallels being drawn between the iconic Gandhi and Hazare, this nascent stirring of a citizen’s movement, not backed by a political party, is bound to shake the government. While it is too soon to call it a revolution, this movement certainly has got the makings of one.

Photo Credits : Subi Chaturvedi


3 comments on “THE INDIAN IRON MAN: Anna Hazare

  1. Dilip Dwivedi
    April 8, 2011

    Kick Off, Racing Start, Eruption. Acceptance of Joint Panel to draft the Jan Lokpal Bill is kick-off, racing start towards democratic awakening. We as the people of India need to carry this momentum till it’s last stage, i.e. democratic empowerment and implementation.

    After this there are two more crucial steps needed to be taken.Number one, we as citizens of India, have to make sure that Jan Lokpal bill passes through both the houses, i.e. Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Number Two, we as citizens of India have to insure the effective Implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill.

    After such large scale and high-octane awakening, we need to carry this momentum forward, till it’s last stage. Then only we can afford to catch some breath.

    Let us all take a pledge that we will not sit-back and relax till the picture is painted luminously, and completely.

  2. sumedha bharpilania
    April 8, 2011

    Thank you so much for your feedback Mr Dwivedi. Agree with every word you say. Its the citizens who are responsible for bringing the movement into effect by lending every possible form of support to Mr Hazare. It will only be by virtue of our efforts coupled with his that the nation can be purged.

  3. Dhruv Sharma
    May 4, 2011

    I came to this blog in the hope that it will give me something new to read about the man of the moment Anna Hazare. But like all “journalists” in the countries, this one too fails to examine the “movement” if you can call it so. Whatever you have said is what people read every day in the newspaper or watch it on the television. Being the fourth estate, it is your responsibility to report both sides of the story in an impartial manner. What you and most other journos seem to be doing is to eulogise Hazare and make him look like the saviour, when apparently he is not.

    You seem to be cherry-picking all those statements of Hazare which look good in an article such as yours and serve your needs. Hazare has more than once gone on record to say that if needed he will “be off with their heads”

    Also you seem to further promote him as some Gandhian, when he clearly has gone on record and categorically stated that he doesnt really identify with Gandhi and seems to be following the proactive Shivaji. Its shocking that journalists seem to miss these critical issues completely when they write an article on Anna Hazare. It just shows that people like you are just happy to maintain the status quo.

    It would serve you well to also look at his record in his own village where he has more than once castrated serial offenders.

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