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The Tale of Two Bakeries





By Nupur Nagpal

When I was asked to do my first food review, I felt a mix of emotions, the complete foodie that I am, I couldn’t decide which restaurant, which cuisine or even which meal to review! I was just so excited to GO out and EAT but I was a tad worried cause I have SO many favorites. From street food to posh stand alones and five star hotels, if you have a thing for food, Delhi is the place to be.

While having breakfast in the morning I was thinking about reviewing food at this great new Mediterranean restaurant and it just struck me how much I loved the sandwich I was eating, the 4 grain bread  I eat everyday, and have been eating since the past 10 years, comes from this small bakery in Jor bagh called The Chocolate Wheel.

The Chocolate Wheel

It is a quaint little bakery, which was established 30 years, back by this lady called Mrs. Raj Kapoor, and is tucked away in the narrow back lanes of her house in Jor Bagh.

The chocolate wheel has an old world charm about it, freshly baked goodies ranging from the famous Dalia bread to the classic Chocolate éclairs are available here.

Their specialties are the sandwich breads that could compete with the most amazing focaccias and baguettes at the fancy European bakeries.



As you enter the beautiful cobble stoned lane, this fresh aroma of butter cookies, that are absolutely melt in the mouth welcomes you!

My personal favorites at this place are their Chicken patties, which when followed by their fudge toffees, are just so old school and delicious.


Food : 3.5

Value for money : 3

Location/Ambience :4

Hygiene : 3

A little advice don’t forget to get the banana and carrot teacakes packed for home, they’re a treat with cold milk!

La Baguette- The Imperial


From cobble stoned alleys of Jor bagh to the rich looking Italian marble floored lobby at the Imperial hotel, my love for food carries on.

Since years I’ve been cutting their Strawberry Fruitcake on my birthday and hogging on their mini pastries and every time I’ve gone to CP or Janpath, I’ve indulged in their amazing ham quiche so it just wont be fair to do bakery review and not give La Baguette its due recognition.

La baguette- the patisserie  is the pastry shop at one of the oldest and finest 5 star hotels in Delhi. It has an exquisite variety of breads, gateaux’s, chocolates and patisseries to tingle the taste buds from sunrise to teatime!

It’s a heaven for a person with a sweet tooth like me, their mini pastries and tarts are my personal favorites, especially the espresso eclairs and strawberry tarts which are probably the BEST I have ever tasted.

 World famous Michelin star chefs of the likes of Chef Gerard de Tomasi and Chef Jean Luc Vila have trained the Imperial’s bakery team. Their strength lies in crafting out authentic classics like the German black forest cake, the Austrian sacher torte, the French mille feuille pastry and the morning Blue berry muffin.

Also, the breads at this pastry shop are of high quality and perfect taste, the French baguette was so perfect that I could eat it plain and the focaccias, especially the one with olive and sundried tomatoes ,was just hard to resist

Sitting in the coffee shop, facing the grand lawns of the Imperial Hotel and its amazing architecture, a blend of Victorian, old colonial and art deco styles , sipping on my café latte and eating my strawberry tart with homemade vanilla ice-cream – I was the happiest person in the world.


Food : 4.5

Location/ Ambience : 5

Value for money :  3

Hygiene : 5


7 comments on “The Tale of Two Bakeries

  1. apoorva
    April 9, 2011

    Wow nupur! Amazing review! Since I’m a foodie too.. Ill surely try out the new places and yumm food you’ve suggested! *thumbs up* 😀

  2. NUPUR
    April 9, 2011

    heyy Apoorvaa, thanks for reading my blog. We update every three days,so theres a lot more yummy food and great places coming up, keep reading! 🙂

  3. ADITI
    April 9, 2011

    will definitely try these new places..:D

  4. NUPUR
    April 9, 2011

    hey aditiii, please do and havee a smasshingg time, also keep reading our blog..theres more comingg up! 😀

  5. Kritika
    April 10, 2011

    My mouth was watering and mice were bungee-jumping in my stomach while reading this 😛
    Mmmmm.. Bakery delicacies! Thanks for the knowledge. 😀

  6. NUPUR
    April 10, 2011

    Kritika, i know exactlyy how you feel..the deserts were just so yummy!
    thanks for reading my blog and keep saltlisting theres alot more coming up!!

  7. Bhavya
    April 20, 2011

    Wowww… Nupur this article is so well written and the food sounds absolutely smashing! Also love the ratings 😛 My mom says it’s totally amazing and to keep it up!!

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