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Why Buy a Blackberry?





By Arushi Kumar

Blackberry India recently slashed the price of the Blackberry Curve 8520. You can now sell your soul and buy a BB which costs a mere Rs.9990, a dangerous competitor in the smartphone segment. As the ad campaign says, ‘your friends have urged you to buy one, now you have no excuse’. But should you? As a Blackberry Curve owner , here is presenting its pros and cons and ‘things you should know’ , the ones that really matter to an average person.

The Key Features

Its ‘cool’ factor

Comes in bright colours

Its covers come in bright colours


Trackpad, not trackball

Wifi, GPRS & Blue-tooth

Conference calling

Integrated email : You can add up to 10 email accounts

Attachments of Word, PowerPoint and Excel can be opened and edited

Messaging : SMS, MMS, BBM and a whole range of preloaded Instant Messaging applications such as Gtalk, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger to keep your fingers busy all the time

Social Media integration: preloaded Facebook and Twitter apps.

BBM or Blackberry Messaging is its USP, send other blackberry users IM’s, voice notes and pictures in an interactive database

Good , slightly addictive games

Performance is more or less smooth, does not hang much in comparison

Decent 2.46″ 65K-color TFT display

2MP Camera, gives great pictures in great lighting

Music player is decent, it sorts your music according to artist, genre and album

A range of download-able apps. from Blackberry App World.

3.5mm audio jack

Micro SD card slot up to 16GB

The Cons

 Many key features unusable without Blackberry Internet Service plan

It’s made of plastic, not sturdy enough

It’s broad, looks weird in jeans pocket

BB Curve 8520 does not contain 3G and GPS

Does not contain FM radio

Cannot open pdf attachments, however apps are available for that

Battery backup is bad

Mediocre Camera and no flash

In spite of all the cons, the Blackberry Curve is a great phone. If you love to text, share and update, tweet and blog or have to constantly check your email, notifications, tweets and comments and google -it’s the phone for you, however, running all those applications may drain your battery a lot. Also, Blackberry Internet Services amount to an additional Rs.399 a month in your phone bill and most key features (Email, Social Networking, BBM) would not work without it. Also, if you like high quality pictures/videos, good display and audio, email and BBM, do not go for a BB Curve go for one of the higher models such as the BB Bold or the BB Torch.

The Curve is a cheaper alternative though and is selling like hotcakes, people around you may already have one and it’ll take a lot not to succumb. It’s causing a revolution, seriously, the other day my cousin sister was at a club in Mumbai when a guy approached her and they hit off pretty well, before leaving the guy asks her ‘so what’s your BB Pin? ‘, My cousin was taken aback and replied, ‘I don’t have a blackberry’, and then the guy says, ‘oh’ and walks off. Yes. Walks off.

Yes, such is a state that the old fashioned ‘what’s your number? Or ‘what’s your email id?’’ won’t just do. Are you not cool or don’t deserve to be flirted with because you don’t have a blackberry?

I don’t think so.


4 comments on “Why Buy a Blackberry?

  1. Medha Gupta
    April 8, 2011

    “sell your soul”…haha…gud one, arushi 😀

  2. nikhita
    April 14, 2011

    naaaiiiiiceeee 😀
    bt i think it looks cool in jeans pocket , peepin out 😉

    April 14, 2011

    btw, wats ur bb pin?!!

  4. Arushi
    April 19, 2011


    Thank you for reading my article. Blackberrys are not the best phones but are pretty damn useful. Hmm.. I don’t think its wise to post my BB pin here, an email to the editor would be great 🙂

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