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By Shivani Khare

Bright. Casual. Colourful. Playful. Experimental. Mamagoto!

I was walking around the mall with a couple of friends when our eyes hit this place. It was nothing like I’d ever seen before, the décor is so refreshing and the unusual name guarantees that people stop for a second look. In case you were wondering, the name means ‘to play with food’ in Japanese. Since we had nothing better to do and it was nearly lunch time we decided to go on in and give it a shot. After all the place promised ‘Fun Asian eating’ and we were in an adventurous mood.

There was half an hour’s waiting time before we were finally led to our table by the friendly maitre’d. The place was completely packed and buzzing with conversation. Mamagoto is not at all like the typical formal, stuffy Chinese restaurants with dim lights where people speak in whispers and you have a feeling that you are intruding by laughing or talking loudly. This place is all about colour (just the right amount, nothing overbearing) and vibrancy. The atmosphere was full of life and I felt like I’d entered some wonderland yet I felt completely at home.
Just the place to go with friends and catch up on some gossip!
Enough said about the décor, now coming to the food. They have the cutest menus you would have ever seen with a lot of interesting graphics. The menu is divided into eight categories- Drinks, Small bites, Salads and soups, Coal fired Robata grill ( It’s a Japanese grill), Mamagoto Signature, Wok and Curries, Noodles and Rice and Deserts. For drinks we ordered the lemon zest + mint lemonade and it was just the right drink to refresh us on a hot summer afternoon. It was an unusual murky green colour and had just the right amount of lemon and mint, believe me I’ve gone to places where they manage to ruin even lemonade!
The menu has a lot of dishes with unheard of names which we are not used to eating in Delhi but thankfully the waiters are very well informed and helped us make our choices. We went on to order the Schezwan pepper prawn on stir fried udon noodles and the Vegetarian Teriyaki meal.
A lot of restaurants serve measly portions of sea food but here we truly got value for money! The flavors in the food are so fresh and distinct, the noodles seemed to melt in my mouth and the teriyaki sauce was lip smackingly delicious. To put it simply the food was out of this world. The zany ambience and the yummylicious food made my lunch at this eatery a wholesome experience.

You have to go there to believe this place. Happy eating!

Food- 4.5/5
Décor- 5/5
Value for money-4/5


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This entry was posted on April 14, 2011 by in Culture.

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