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Verna or Bharat Ratna ?

By Reshma M.R.

Unrestrained stretches of real estate, Hyundai Vernas, free AC railway passes for lifetime and the promise ‘1 crore each’. What’s next? Maybe a Bharat Ratna.

Apart from the last one, all the above mentioned rewards seemed as if it was an ongoing competition between each state government to better the other. Yes, our Indian cricket team won the world cup after 28 years. Yes, that’s much more commendable than all the IPL’s put together. But please, instead of being too ‘charitable’, be more mindful about the prevailing poverty in our country. That’s been there for more than 28 years.

And now over to the last reward. That, for one reason, won’t do any harm to the million cricket fans across the world, or to the millions of poor in this country.

Yes, I am talking about the Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar, not my neighbour! Do I even need to pen down his feats which are enough to bring down chills down any opponent’s spine and raise their standards of respect to undefeatable heights? In his journey of cricket he hasn’t just been able to increase his facebook and twitter followers but he has found a place in everybody’s prayers. When he succeeds it can be said that, in India, happiness has seldom lasted this long. He has been a person who has managed to make people thrive on hope. Hope which says that cricket (test or one-day) is still alive, hope which says that hard work really works and hope which says that age is no bar.

Any flapalapa deprave can hang on for 22 years, but it’s just not the irrefutable devotion of 22 years from the little master that needs the highest scrutiny, it’s his way of bursting into the scene and change the way the game has been played. His incontrovertible simplicity is a bonus.

Isn’t the money earned in cricket matches and multiple endorsements by the players enough for the Indian powerhouse to handle? Do a logical thing and just honor the deserving people.

P.S. Sachin Tendulkar deserves the Bharat Ratna. Period.


2 comments on “Verna or Bharat Ratna ?

  1. AN
    April 19, 2011

    What I can’t understand is that how can the central or state governments be handing out money or land to cricketers?!! IT IS THE PEOPLE’S MONEY

    • reshma m.r
      April 23, 2011

      exactly! n that’s what’s typically perplexing.

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This entry was posted on April 16, 2011 by in Sports.

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