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Its Time to Get Angry!

By: Neha Lal

With the ever rising debates on changing attitudes and behaviours, the most stereotypical label put on us pertains to our ‘hot hotheadedness’ and ‘impatience’. We are termed as the generation that wants everything we desire and WE WANT IT NOW.Our anger is  described, with an airy brush of the hand, as over jolly and uncouth.

 The last time I checked, I was losing my money to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats every passing second while my government remained a silent spectator to this mega-loot. The middle class morality I was imbibed with since childhood is ridiculed by the opaque systems that are married to red tapism – then I am forced to ‘chalta hai’ this.

MCD’s told children to bring water from home since they can’t provide it in government schools. Don’t maximum of these students dwell in residences that face a water and electricity crisis thanks to the MCD already? Am I not supposed to get appalled and repulsed by food grains rotting in the open while millions go to sleep hungry, increasing crime and employment rates in my city? It is my city that isn’t safe. The budget isn’t inclusive, corporates are making a concrete consumer jungle, the cost of health and sanitation has sky rocketed…why should I not be angry? Am I supposed to see a news a story [Breaking-Live-Exclusive or otherwise] every night at 8 and move onto the next one the following day? Something on the lines of a two minute emotion meant to evaporate after a stipulated time period? The media is too busy selling us news and making it seem shocking or entertaining or emotionally appealing. It doesn’t really fall on their shoulder to follow up with results and consequences. They are after all, running a business. The feeling of anger-disappointment- helplessness rolled into one cannot be switched off as casually as the TV set.

The only means of carrying forward these stories out of our minds and into an action plan is by getting angry and showing our anger – use PILs, resister RTIs, start campaigns, file suggestions and initiate change at the community level, asking-demanding-fighting for what is rightfully ours. However, the most vital part is not to let the anger dissipate and most importantly, not to believe that what has been happening will always happen. Don’t turn away this time and then ‘tsk tsk’ anymore – it is time to get angry and fight the ugly monster.


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This entry was posted on May 24, 2011 by in Democracy, Governance and Human Interest.

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