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And then there was the El Classico.

By: Reshma Ramachandran

Sometimes the most awaited sequels are not the ones where Johnny Depp says ‘savvy’, or Arnold Schwarzenegger says ‘I’m back’, but the ones where Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick shrieks it’s way through and Lionel Messi screeches his way around. Yes, it was the el clasico – part 1 to part 4 – that had a multitude of football fans waiting.

“You know what! Before the copa Del rey (also known as kings cup as it is organized by the royalty), Gerard Pique told the Madrid players ”we have won YOUR league and now we are coming to take YOUR king’s cup’’ Barcelona want to fight this war through football against the Spanish government “pointed out Ashish, an avid fan. “We all know that the Catalans have always been at odds with the Spanish kingdom. The fact that the region has its own flag and Iniesta going around wearing that flag after the World Cup win was testimony to that.”

This is what the history books, websites, the entire football kingdom and the whole nation, that is, Spain will take full guarantee for. It’s the political rivalry, the rebellious past that is witness to the unparalleled will of these Spanish giants to outperform the other. It’s not just Messi and Ronaldo who are the centre of attraction but the war between Barcelona (the rebels) and Madrid (the royals).

Despite Barcelona’s mesmeric passing displays the ugly side of their game stuck its head out in the semi finals against Madrid. Jose Mourinho’s negative destruction tactics of fouling hard and intense zonal marking was countered by a theatrical display of diving , faking injuries by busquets and pedro , and surrounding the refs forcing him to make a decision in the favor of the catalans. The first half left an especially sour taste among the neutrals a half which saw Pinto being sent off due to an altercation with Arbeloa. The result after Pepe’ was sent off from a debatable red card was swift from the catalans with messi striking twice. However these tactics were no different from the ones applied by Jose Mourinho last season at Inter Milan or this season at Madrid with Di Maria and Ronaldo well known for their theatrical display. Some would even say this is part of today’s football. 4 matches on a trot have definitely added more of spice than sugar to the enmity. But it’s this repulsion between the two that makes it an el clasico.

This match up is as enticing as an India vs. Pakistan cricket match. But, alas, politics trickles its way through. Each club and city stands for something different, with Madrid symbolic of everything spanish, while Barcelona wants to have its own identity and sees itself as a separate country. It’s a tale of two cities and the raging animosity between them. The Catalans want a separate country for themselves with Barcelona as its capital.

And so it started with a draw and it ended with a draw with Barcelona reaching the champion’s league finals and Real Madrid winning the King’s Cup. It’s not like Harry Potter vs. Voldermort or Batman vs. Joker or The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The rivalry is and will probably always be there-immortal!


One comment on “And then there was the El Classico.

  1. A Blithering Idiot
    May 30, 2011

    That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

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