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A pocketful of sunshine behind the mist: Delhi Winters

By: Shivani Singh

Cartoons courtesy: Messy Kaur

As Delhi changes colours with every season, the onset of winter has more than often been a welcome change. The lemonade carts, the ice lollies, the cotton dresses, the sweating and the soaring temperatures give way to chilly mornings, luring cups of steaming ginger tea,snuggly sweaters and the blinding fog. A walk through the streets on a lazy December morning in the city brings before you the most fascinating of sights. You see cots pulled out in porches, a melange of assorted pickles laid out for drying, the men talking of politics with their hot chai and the women discussing the issue of price rise as they sit knitting or bargaining with a subziwala.

Credits: Messy Kaur

The neighbourhood uncle discusses the Anna movement with gusto,sceptical about its success and the implementation of the bill. He talks of his experience in the Ramlila Grounds and pans the media along with the others. Well nobody knows of his getting free food and ‘I will be on TV’ dreams like most people present in support of Anna. As print and television media covered it extensively, the crowd grew manifolds,most of them unaware of the Lokpal Bill when asked. But the Anna crusade has taken a backseat now so he jumps to inflation woes and how survival is minimal in the salary he draws.One of his several companions can be heard commenting ”Arre sirji, the whole concept of ‘burning a hole in the pocket’ is dead now.The skyrocketing prices shall burn the entire pocket”

Credits: Messy Kaur

The ladies of the house, on the other hand are enthusiastic about the wedding season which starts with the lovely Delhi winters. Delhi is also about revelry of all sorts- the VIP culture and women whom you cannot help but notice in their exiguous attire and wonder ‘’seriously! Not cold enough?’’ All the national dailies mention this very fact about the city girls in their lifestyle sections when it comes to their fashion sense. Why is it a bad thing? The never dying spirit of ‘This is how we are’ defines Delhi women who love their winters and their clothes. The skimpy cocktail dresses,all the bling in the world,the band baaja and dancing on the streets have come to symbolize lavish Delhi winter weddings. The spicy food-fried potato patties with tamarind and green chutney, the kebabs and the tikkas,the scrumptious of desserts and the never ending cups of flavoured warm milk are all a part of our grand celebrations.Delhi is also synonymous with the word liquor.Delhiites are infamous for drinking and it is that time of the year where everyone is partying hard. Christmas eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year! People in Delhi are never short of reasons for partying and excuses for gulping down more pegs.

Credits: Messy Kaur

Winters bring in change! You can always notice how the trees change,how children bask in the sun,how their mothers cover them in layers of woolens,how people survive on pavements,how a warm cup of coffee can be heavenly,how boots replace flip flops and how the uncleji,auntyji and beti enjoy the dipping temperatures while constantly cribbing about their state of lives. However,everyday political events and government policies do not hinder the latest Sarojini market pullovers from going out of fashion,terror threats do not prevent people from gorging on piping Parathas at Parathewali Gali and the withering leaves do not stop the elites from going for an early morning jog at Lodhi gardens. Freezing winters never bring life in the bustling capital to a halt.
Things change but no dilliwallah stays wary of the warm sunshine and roasted peanuts as the chill of winter spreads.


6 comments on “A pocketful of sunshine behind the mist: Delhi Winters

  1. Lata Jha
    December 14, 2011

    The Dilliwaali speaks..loved it! 😀

  2. Shivani
    December 15, 2011

    thank you! 🙂 Glad!

  3. Hemul Goel
    December 15, 2011

    Great work, you captured the very spirit of Delhi. Beatiful illustrations especially the India gate ones n the girls clad in Burqua.

  4. Ankita Singhania
    January 4, 2012

    some really beautiful descriptions and yeah those “not cold enough” and “i will be on tv” hilarious! great work!

  5. shivani
    January 5, 2012

    Thank you! 😀

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