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E-Spectrum 2011 is here!

2011 has turned out to be a year of change and revolution. Whether it was the demand for the Lokpal in India or Arab Spring, 2011 was a landmark year the world over. We lost so many loved celebrities, innovators and activists. 2011 is also a celebration of independence for Egypt and Tunisia. We had a wonderful chance to archive the year in everybody’s mind, to leave an imprint and to make people think.

We, the second year students of the Department of Journalism, Lady Shri Ram College present to you E-Spectrum 2011. A newsletter which tables the year’s events in one place with news, views and opinions written by us. The importance of opinions seems to have been undermined by people in power as they always try to suppress what doesn’t suit them.

We are glad to have the opportunity to be able to express what we feel in a space dedicated exclusively for your perusal.

We are very pleased to reveal E-Spectrum 2011. Change and Time. Power and stability. What we think of it all.

-Aditi Mallick


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This entry was posted on December 23, 2011 by in Events.

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