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Tech savvy? We present to you,the best and worst of 2011. (Part – I)

By: Gurman Bhatia

As one moves ahead in the process creation and development, technology is bound to grow. You are bound to have things that make you marvel at the power and lengths to which electronics extend themselves.
2011- A year when the tablet and the smart phone ruled the tech market. A year, when the usage of internet on portable devices reached out to a wider number of consumers.
With every passing year, innovation surprises us. 2011, was no less. A phone application that could ‘talk’ and ‘solve’ all your problems, a tablet that cost $35 (a revolution as it makes technology affordable to the masses)- these marked events and a lot more defined the tech scene in 2011.
The iPad 2 came into the market and got applauded. The iPhone 4S got launched and then got condemned. The MacBook just got faster and Ultra books got a head-start. Facebook got the timeline and Twitter crashed on New Year’s Eve. In short, a lot happened. A lot happened in the world of phones and computers which also included the loss of an innovator we know as Steve Jobs.
The Salt list attempts to rewind all that for you. We bring to you an exclusive series that takes you through the gizmos and the ‘tech-bling’ that ruled 2011.
We present to you- GADGETS OF THE YEAR 2011 : An Exclusive Series.

From iOS to the Blackberry, from Android to a revamped Windows Mobile 7.5 – 2011 was definitely the year of phones. They turned out to be the hottest selling category in the market. The reason being – in the race of becoming ‘smart’, the Mobile phone turned ‘smart’ too. In a world where the internet and technological advancement is what we thrive on, what sold like hot cakes were Smart Phones.
Now, in case you are wondering what makes a phone ‘smart’, let us help you. A smart phone is one that lets you do things on a phone that you generally do on a computer. The year 2011 is remarkable because it took this very concept to hand over something to the common man. The concept of Budget Smart phones starting from Rs 6000, changed the way one used their phone. It changed the way you checked emails. It changed the way you looked for the restaurant nearby. It also somewhere changed the way you read news and books.
Apple with their iPhone 4S, launched iOS 5 – the best iOS version as of now. The attempt was of course to incorporate things people liked from Android and much more. Google on the other hand, launched the Ice Cream Sandwich android update, which was loved as much as people love the dessert of the same name. Microsoft brought in innovation as well. They rebuilt Windows Mobile and brought in the Mango Update (also known as Windows Mobile 7.5). The concept of ‘live tiles’ rather than the boring old menu is what made consumers love the operating system.
With every launch, every update and every new innovation, 2011 needs to be recalled. We relook some of the smart phones that we saw in 2011, ranging from as low as Rs 6000 to as high as Rs 33000:

  1. Micromax A60 – The cheapest Android available. Price : Rs 5900.
    The price is less and hence the phone is smart but ’lazy’. The battery would last as less as four or five hours. But then again, what you have is still a Smart phone as ‘smart’ features do exist.
  2. Galaxy Y (Young) – Made for the young. Priced for the young at Rs 7820.
    Along with being cheap, it comes from a good brand. The idea behind the product is to attract the youth who are driven towards changing trends in technology.
  3. HTC Explorer –Perfect when it comes its price : Rs 11200.
    You get a lot more than what you pay here. The phone is durable yet boasts of great features. It was a late release in 2011, but it turned out to be a very successful one at that.
  4.  HTC Wildfire S – Value for money is the word. Price : Rs 14000
    Looks good, feels good. Slow on the processor, great on the camera.
  5.  Galaxy Ace – One of the best selling pieces at Rs 14000
    Like Wildfire S,it looks great. But low on RAM, however,the bright Samsung display is an eye catcher.
  6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V– The best there is within this range! Price : Rs 18000
    You pay Rs 18000, and you a get product worth a lot more. A big and bright display. Xperia range gives you added features. And with all that, you get the promise of an Android 4.0 upgrade as well.
  7. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray– It is one sleek and stylish beauty. Price : Rs 18700
    Easy in the hand. This is one phone, you love to hold. It’s smooth and it is light. But the functionalities, including an 8MP camera are amazing. Also, the beautiful display makes you hard for you to keep your eyes off it!
  8. Samsung Omnia W– Making ‘Mangoes’ affordable. Price : Rs 18300
    Great Design, wonderful features and a new refreshing OS in the name of Windows Mobile 7.5
  9. Samsung Galaxy R– Dual Core at Mid Level Price. Price : Rs 20900
    A cheaper version of the S2(with of course a few shortcomings) . Gives you a Dual Core processor at a lesser price. And THAT is a highlight of this Android Phone that fashions a big 4.19 inch display.
  10. Sony Ericsson Arc– Lends you Style. Price : Rs 23000
    In layman terms, this phone makes a style statement. A decent 4.2 inch display and good hardware are its selling point.
  11. Sony Ericsson Arc S: An Arc with an ‘S’.Price : Rs 28000
    It is the same as Arc, but with an additional price and an additional ‘S’. Definitely, NOT worth buying.
  12.  HTC Incredible S– When the incredible happens. Price : Rs 24350
    If it is named Incredible, it is because it is INCREDIBLE. For an Android that is priced below Rs 30000, it offers you almost everything on a high end Android. With great looks, it gives you an even better performance.
  13. Nokia Lumia 800– When Nokia changes sides (From Symbian to Windows). Price : Rs 30000
    Now, if you want to add ‘colour’ to your life, Lumia spices it up for you. With shades of Fuchsia Pink and Cyan, this new game changer by Nokia works super fast. The only question that remains is whether spending Rs 30000 on a developing OS’s Market is justified or not.
  14. Samsung Galaxy S2– It is all about the speed. Price : Rs 30200
    The best that prevailed for a long time in 2011. The phone is fast (Thanks to the Dual Core processor) , thin and quite a looker.
  15. Samsung Galaxy Note- A phone? Or a Tablet? Price : Rs 32250
    With a the biggest screen in the phone market, the question whether it is a phone or a tablet is a long and a never-ending debate. Most people believe it is an entrance of a new segment and call it a Phone-Tablet Hybrid. We believe that the big screen can be an advantage for pictures, notes and videos while a disadvantage in terms of portability. The big size however, does not compromise on this device’s performance.
  16. Blackberry 9900-The Bold gets bolder. Price : Rs 33360
    It’s a Blackberry, and the Bold 4 is surely bolder and faster.
  17. HTC Sensation XE– A phone for the music addicts. Price : Rs. 32350
    It is the BEST MUSIC PHONE that has come in the market in a long time. This amazing Android piece that comes with Beats Headphones, gives you a wonderful experience.
  18. Motorola Droid Razr– A perfect combination of power and pleasure. Price : Rs 33990
    Something that gives the Galaxy S2 a tough competition. Powerful specifications and an absolutely wonderful design.
  19. iPhone 4S– If you don’t have this iPhone, you are sensible. Price : Rs 44500(16GB), Rs 50900(32GB), Rs 57500(64GB)
    A new iPhone is always received with excitement. This one shattered hopes as with expectations of an iPhone 5, people actually got an iPhone 4S. It looked exactly the same. And the heavy pricing was a big downer. But with all that, it brought in iOS 5 which revamped the functioning on all Apple devices. It also brought in ‘Siri’ – a voice recognizing personal assistant. Innovation, but with a price.

Highly recommended– HTC Explorer, Sony Ericsson Neo V, Samsung Omnia W, HTC Incredible S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Droid Razr, HTC Sensation XE.

Link to Part 2 for Tablets and Ultrabooks –


5 comments on “Tech savvy? We present to you,the best and worst of 2011. (Part – I)

  1. Lata Jha
    January 5, 2012

    Truly you..great work 🙂

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