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For the love of your feet

By: Hemul Goel

We love our shoes, don’t we? We may not be able to possess them all but we can definitely have a look and drool! They are known to give us an instant high (literally if you consider heels) too. But owning a few pairs is just not enough and no we are not asking you to be more materialistic than you already are but then,knowing about them is important too. Thus we introduce you to some everyday shoes with little descriptions of the same so that you know your shoes better than before. We have chosen 16 types which are commonly found in a girl’s wardrobe.

Foot Hygiene:

However what is the use of knowing about shoes if we can’t even take proper care of the parts of our body that actually hold them i.e. our feet?. Keeping your feet clean is really important because we need to accept the fact that we abuse them. Some of us don’t care to wear slippers at home, don’t wear socks while wearing shoes or wear the same shoes and socks and forget to wash our feet later- thus leaving moisture between toes etc. Feet if uncared for can develop fungal infections, cracked heels(they aren’t just in advertisements), smelly feet and the likes. What scared me most was the fact that mosquito’s are attracted to smelly feet and they thus try to bite you more (Malaria and Dengue aren’t your best friends, right?).
Most of us do not want to shell out a thousand bucks at a parlour for getting our nails done or for cleaning our feet, so here is a cheap and probably the best homemade pedicure, DIY (and I am disclosing my secret!):

1. Firstly, wash your feet with water.
2. Follow it up by adding warm water in a bucket/bath. Add shampoo to it.
3. Apply cream on your toenails (you don’t need to spend extra money on a foot cream actually, any normal cream works).
4. Now dip your feet in the water for around 15-20 minutes and relax. The most comfortable place to sit would be your bed.
5. Spread a towel on your bed and place one foot on it. Now take a pumice stone and rub it on your feet. Put this foot back in water and repeat the same for the other. This will remove all the dead skin from your feet.
6. (You can skip this step if you find it complex or time taking) Now take the other foot and take a cuticle pusher and a cuticle remover. Cuticle trimmers are used to remove the extra skin climbing on your nails. Push your cuticles a bit and use the cuticle trimmer to trim them.
7. Clean your nails, file and trim them if required.
8. Use a scrubber to scrub your foot. Clean your foot with a towel and repeat the same for the other foot (while you are working on the second foot you can dip the one you have already worked upon in water).
9. Finally after cleaning your feet properly with a towel, apply some cream on them and put on a pair of socks. Yes, you are done! This definitely was not hard and if you repeat this once a month man your feet are going to dazzle like your face and the blood circulation is going to be great to keep you energized always.
P.S. Clean properly between your toes to prevent fungal infections and remember this even while bathing.

How to store your boots (mini DIY):
Storing your boots is one hell of a business, but for our love of boots we will do that too. All tall boots should be stored in such a way so as to prevent them from developing creases and well that will obviously happen when the boots do not slouch over. People often purchase boot shapers for maintaining the shape of their boots. However, as these are pretty expensive we suggest a cheaper alternative. A great idea would be to take unwanted magazines, roll them and place them inside your boots. You could even do the same with a thick bundle of newspapers. Though not mandatory you can even tie a rubber band around the magazine or the newspaper.

Always clean your shoes with soft, damp fabrics. Clean your shoes according to the fabric- for instance, you can wash canvas shoes while you cannot do the same for satin or suede. Never use hard detergents or cleaners to clean your shoes.
Hope that helped you!

HOTTEST TIP: Follow your body and fashion follows you! Do take proper care of your feet as they signify a beautiful you!


6 comments on “For the love of your feet

  1. ankita biswas
    January 11, 2012

    Another piece of fabulous and informative ideas….
    Keep writing hemul!!

    • Hemul Goel
      January 11, 2012

      @ankita : Thankyou so much! It’s your appreciation that really encourages me!

  2. Aarushi Jain
    January 11, 2012

    Superb work, loved it Hemul. 🙂

    • Hemul Goel
      January 12, 2012

      @Aarushi Jain : Thanks so much, glad you liked it!

  3. Lata Jha
    January 11, 2012

    I’m not a shoe person,Hemul..but I loved this 🙂

    • Hemul Goel
      January 12, 2012

      @Lata Thanks for the appreciation! I am sure you’ll have more knowledge about shoes now than the other ‘shoe persons’.

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