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Arunachal Pradesh: The lost state?

By: Goter Gangkak

Over the past few days, apart from drooling over Hrithik Roshan’s Vijay Deenanath Chauhan,sighing at the state of affairs in our country and following links so as to get rid of the Facebook timeline, I was banging my head, thinking about what I could possibly write on. ”Could it be something around my love for fashion or a satire on the zillion political events that had been taking place in the country?”- I thought. As God and my editor would have liked, after a lot of random ranting, stalking people over Facebook and some hundred clicks, I ran into a very interesting community that proudly called themselves “F*** China! Arunachal is an integral part of India”. The very first glance made me wonder as to how ‘UNITED’ India is and I spent hours trying to figure the relevance of the word ‘United’ in the whole concept of our nation being so.

Arunachal Pradesh, is considered to be a small, but is a relatively large state in the North-Eastern region of India.It has a little more than 20 tribes, with each tribe having its distinct dialect. There are 16 districts in total with Itanagar as the capital. The present Chief minister is Shri. Nabam Tuki, however the last few months have witnessed a lot of chaos as far as the government is concerned.
While writing the above,traumatic memories of my kindergarten days rolled by. Memories of how we used to mug up facts in social science and write essay type answers on India- glorifying her and showing every bit of patriotism we could, flashed by. The feeling was the same when it came to glorifying Arunachal (which we always considered a part of the same India) and so was the intent, but there was this inexplicable consciousness, a consciousness of how little knowledge and interest most of the readers had of the subject and how integral it was (and still is) to my existence.

My fixation with the Facebook page can be attributed to two reasons.Firstly, the name itself is so ironic that it sabotages it’s own existence.The use of the playful tone and vulgarity, again proves how light hearted a subject it is for them. Also, if I may correct them, the use of the word “integral” is highly unnecessary and politically incorrect. Arunachal for once has never been served the status that they talk so proudly of and thus the word ‘integral’ is demeaning.The strangest thing around it all is that fact that most of the responses to the posts on the page are surprisingly not from the people of Arunachal, but from those from other parts of the country.

The Google Controversy

On my last visit to my village, an old woman walked up to me and innocently asked me “Are they (the Government) going to shift us to Delhi or Mumbai due to the probability of a war?” In response to that, some other women barged in, telling me the possibilities and recounting tales of the 1962 China attack. People out there are certain about the motives of China- they are not willing to join either alliance conciously or subconciously. China will not only deprive them of the morsel that the Indian Government so often provides, but also control whatever little is left of it.They are more torn in between but they know the choice they are making and I say this without having the intent of hurting any sentiments. Whatever has been said, is my opinion of the situation.
Everytime I see the people of my village tune into an Indian news channel- listening intently and watching closely, despite not understnading one bit and being gripped by the fear that every rumor brings with it, I cannot help but feel immensely sad. On this not so cheerful  note, the whole  ‘Hindi-chini bhai-bhai’ theory proves to be a tough fight between the brothers. The worst however, is yet to come.


21 comments on “Arunachal Pradesh: The lost state?

  1. heemabyabang
    February 5, 2012

    gotergal……you got wat ya wantd -d career f ua dreams!!!*journalism*……:..damn lucky its a relief u did a good job wid your frst public article(hpe d terminologies r rite….if not den acpt ma aplogis).. v ‘re proud of you,dnt let anytng anyone stop u v’ve got ua bck lass…..bst of luck……n d article….it strted off very good n ended well…….lots of love…oh n 2 like ua artcle i had 2 sign up….*cracked up* lol

    • gtzzz123
      February 5, 2012

      I am highly grateful that you took out time to read it and actually appreciate my work. I promise to come up with more such articles, what we need is you readers support and love. Till then stay tuned to The Saltlist for some hard hitting read. Thanks so much 🙂

  2. heemabyabang
    February 5, 2012

    The chief minister’s name needs reediting….its shri nabum tuki …n seriously * plane ppl* sud stop procastnating n start hvng sme knowledge on Arunachal pradesh…….s a full pledged state of india n not d all togetherly tagged northeasterners(dat includes all d north east states)…..Fu** dey dnt evn know d names……jeez…

    • gtzzz123
      February 5, 2012

      I totally agree with you. Its time we get sure recognition and visibility on national affairs. And we deeply regret the mistake.
      Do subscribe 🙂

  3. Lod Topo
    February 5, 2012

    i really liked this article and the language you used and i appreciate the idea you came up with.. I would love to read some more article of yours.. I have read the comments posted below, so i too wish you best of luck with your career

    • gtzzz123
      February 5, 2012

      Thank you so much for reading it. And i would be more than happy to write more about our LOST state.
      Do subscribe. And i promise to come up with better articles.

  4. themli kamcham
    February 5, 2012

    A great article…its alwys gud fo me to kno bout rself ..n i like d frst photo..its really beautiful..n ur words r also beautifully arrngd..i like it

    • Goter Gangkak
      February 5, 2012

      Oh! I am happy that you appreciate my work.
      Please The salt list needs your support and a mass readership to sustain.
      Thank you. Please subscribe 🙂

      • Going through your blog/website for the first time and I simply liked the genuineness of creative prowess of you guys’ writing. Much appreciated.

        Goter, I liked the post on Arunachal. Please write more and more about north-east states. There are ample of Indian readers hungry to know and analyse extensively about the cultural, social and political sphere of the region.



        • Goter Gangkak
          February 13, 2012

          I would be more than willing to write about the North-eastern areas 🙂
          Please go through our blogs, your response is appreciated.

  5. risingbharat
    February 5, 2012

    Great article on a beautiful but neglected state. God knows when sense will prevail with the Indian government

    • Goter Gangkak
      February 5, 2012

      Yes, but who is to blame is another face to the concern. i hope you found my reading engaging. We The saltlist always try to explore such pressed issues.
      Happy reading 🙂

  6. Hate
    February 6, 2012

    Although i agree wit u i’m so glad tat we r nt nationaly recognized. Wat we ‘pride arunachalees'(stl wndrng wat r we proud of?) doin is creatng a savage out of us. Khushi khushi? Our own govt dnt cre fr us so y wud d indian govt b? Yes,v lyk to use ‘bihari’ as sarcasm(pls,dy r d wrker ants),let dm knw us n mayb dy’l use arunachalees as 2nd biharis (alrdy startd to hear arunachalee junglees).. Its betr to b a ghost dn to b mockd.

    • Goter
      February 6, 2012

      I respect your opinion but wrapping the invisibility cloak around is no sensible solution either and yes then there is the state government. Second well with no hard feelings there’s nothing wrong in being called who you actually are or its any conjugate.
      Thanks once again for reading our blogs 🙂

  7. James Taki
    February 6, 2012

    I am really sorry to be a party pooper but the chinese aggression actually happened in 1962 and not in 1952 as mentioned in your article.Apart from that i really admired your placate and grandiose approach towards the imperative situation in our state….Kudos to you and spirit….Hope i will read more of you in the coming future…Good luck:)

  8. Neha Sen
    February 8, 2012

    Goter, brilliant first post. Good introduction and a touching end. Keep writing and giving voice to those we forget.

  9. Guneet Singh
    March 2, 2012

    i like !!!!

  10. saurabh
    January 5, 2013

    Few days back i was wondering where is Arunachal Pradesh ? I mean we hardly get to know about it in national news. I google searched and landed on your article. Thank you so much for coming up with this article, would love to know more about the state and the people. 🙂


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