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10 things we expect from the iPad 3 – A Techlist by The Saltlist

By: Gurman Bhatia

An inventor we know as Steve Jobs changed the technology market by sending in one little screen that you could ‘touch’ and that touch changed the way we did a lot of things things.
One little screen and a revolution was created.

2010- iPad
2011- iPad 2
And 2012 – iPad 3

4 days from now, the world will finally get to see what the third generation of this revolutionary gadget holds for us. In Apple’s words, what we get to ‘see and touch’.
As we await its launch, we can’t help but wonder at the various possibilities that could shape the iPad 3. Though the possibilities are endless and some of them unimaginable,we are making a list of things that we at The Saltlist would like to see.

Disclaimer: The things listed here are quite practical and feasible. No desirable feature bears any resemblance to any magic. We do understand that Hogwarts is a fictional place and the idea of technology may be magical, but it isn’t as magical as a Happy Potter novel.

  • Retina Display: Since the iPhone 4 happened, Apple upgraded the iPhone to possess a ‘sharp’, ‘crisp’ and ‘bright’ retina display. It’s about time that the iPad became something better to look at. (This is one feature that is a very strong possibility)
  • Better camera: With iPhone 4S going up to 8MP, its evident that Apple is focussing on the camera in its devices. A mere 0.7 mp for a camera? Surely not Apple ‘s style.
  • Siri: Siri made news when iPhone 4S was launched. In fact, it turned out to be the major selling point. Could it change the way people look at the iPad as well?
  • A sole iPad app: iPad welcomed iBooks, iPad 2 welcomed Facetime, iMovie and Photobooth. Could iPad 3 welcome something new? A sole iPad app perhaps?
  • Faster processor: It’s the age of speed and Apple is good at it. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 got Dual core, so could the iPad 3 go up to Quad Core?
  • Calling: You might be able to send a text, but the iPad 2 does not facilitate you to place a call. Could the third generation eliminate this limitation?
  • Flash support: Apple products might look flashy but sadly they do not support flash. Apple could give us an OS update with the iPad that supports Flash. (Though this is extremely unlikely to happen)
  • Better Battery: The one thing with which the iPad continues to score more than its counterparts, is the Battery life. But then with all these added functionalities the battery is expected to drain out sooner. So, a better battery on the wish list- Check!
  • USB/Micro SD slot: A feature Apple is highly unlikely to add, but one a number of users would like to see. It’s an age where people carry data on pen drives, a USB port could increase the feasibility factor for a user. Come on Apple!
  • Variation in the Design: Lastly, a different shape and design. What we want is an iPad 3 and not an iPad 2S.

With every product launch, Apple has continued to capture the element of surprise and innovation. As the world waits with baited breath and existing iPad users and prospective iPad users sit and fantasize about what Apple holds for them this time around, its best to wait and watch because that is how it is with Apple, it brings in things you expect and then those that you could never possibly think about.

Do check The Saltlist post the launch on March 7th 2012. An analysis of what the iPad 3 turns out to be would be waiting for you!


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