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To The Iron Lady: An open letter to Mamata Banerjee

Guest post by Nidhi Thyagarajan


I take pride in saying that Meryl Streep is not the real Iron lady, but you, the lady with the iron hand and rule, the chief minister of my very own home town. The way you have managed to bring about change, it amazes me, if not anyone else, I am sure school students will be really happy out of this for they have one less chapter to learn. You have glorified their lives, they will vote for you, for change, for years to come.

A coin has two sides. Similarly, every person, like you and like me, has two kinds of qualities, good qualities and bad qualities. Now, the right thing here would be work upon ones bad qualities and rectify them and enhance the good ones of course. But to use the good ones as a shield against the bad, is to go as low as the fox who used wool coats to fool sheep and feast over them, or as low as a certain Narendra Modi – The Great Hypocrite.
I appreciate you, for the change you have brought, for the promises you have kept. For the number of bandhs which don’t happen in Kolkata anymore. My mother appreciates what you have been doing, and I mention her because she is the one living in Kolkata while I live in Delhi and am just a by-stander to your so called Hitler regime. It is also important for me to mention that I am not writing this depending on baseless media outrages and mere statements from news channels, of course these are the only resources I have used, but there is also a lot of thought added to what I want to say.

Didi, I am not angry, probably because I don’t live there but here, but I am duly upset.

I couldn’t vote, I turned eighteen only last year and elections happened before I owned a card. But, I wished for change. I wished for difference, and when you won, it mattered to me, because I had wished for this. I don’t support any political party, neither CPM nor yours, but I supported you, as a woman, and as an ardent lover of my hometown. I have looked upto you. Then why Didi?
I ask you, why did you let us down? Why is there not a single woman leader in Indian politics I can look upto? What about the promises you haven’t kept? Why have we moved on from only a frying pan to a burning stove? Why are you challenging democracy? Why are you challenging your own dignity? Why are you doing wrong things?

It matters to me, yes, it bloody does. So what if I don’t live in Kolkata anymore? That place is very much a part of this country I call my own, it is also my hometown, I am never getting over it. And I am never getting over the people who are attempting to spoil it. I thought you were sensible, you proved yourself otherwise.

You have questioned Democracy, you have questioned the Right to Freedom and Speech, you have questioned the Right to Expression. You have also tried and removed every single possible means of CPI(M) interfering in your rule even if the intervention were to be right. Are you this scared? What is the reason for you extreme insecurity? If you think what you are doing is right, then why the safeguards? Am I seeing a loophole here? If the theory of afterlife were to be true, Marx would be probably banging his head on a cement wall somewhere. Why? I ask you this, if kids don’t study Marx in school, how do you think they’d cope with the huge syllabus on Marx in college? Or is that your ulterior motive, to stop brain drain?

And now you call some random woman who questioned your government, a Maoist. Wow.
Please don’t call me one. We had a chapter on Maoism in Political Science last year, and thanks to selective study, I left it out. I don’t really know what or who Maoists are. So don’t even try me.

You are being of major help to the common man – increasing income, implemented traffic rules, beautified infrastructure, economic development and everything else in the world. Wait. Where is welfare? Are you trying to cover up all your loopholes with the excuse of economic development? Yes? Well, then Mr Modi finally has competition on the other side of this country, I must say.
I think you need to breathe. And tell those scoundrel followers of yours to stop creating chaos everywhere. My best friend lives and studies in Burdwan. She had written an open letter to you on the social media which was about how much she believed in you and how much you disappointed her. How their college does not have classes, only riots, and how she is living in fear. Some one must have reported abuse, because the letter is not there anymore. Are you this scared, again? You don’t want to even listen to people. This gives me hope – my friend has more power than you do, because her letter scared you off.

Escape is not an option. With power, also comes responsibility and it is high time you stop running away from it. Face it. You are the (Hon’ble) Chief Minister of one of the most important states of India, and not just the street fighting opposition. Act like it. I am 19, a student, inexperienced, I can risk it to make immature statements and write letters like such, but you can’t. You have the power, don’t use it to win fear, ma’am, use it to win respect. Or one day people like me and my best friend and that girl you called a Maoist, and many others, probably everyone I know, will lose Faith (a lot of them already have) and you, will wake up regretting that you could have done so much more to the betterment of the state, of this country, of the people, for their love and their faith and you couldn’t. One day, you will lose it all.

Good Morning ma’am. Your life and my country are hanging by the thread. Hold on. Wake up.

P.S. – I write this letter because I still have hope and I refuse to believe that all women ruling this country are out of their mind, I choose this woman to prove it otherwise. Also, like I mentioned before, I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL PARTY (given that we don’t really have any good options between their selfish agendas), so just because I questioned the Chief Minister and her party, the opposition need not jump around in excitement thinking this is their victory. If you stupid fools had ruled the state properly for the last few eons, this situation could have been avoided.

I am just another girl, voicing my opinion. I don’t know how many of you are reading this, or will read this, but I sincerely hope it this makes a difference.


Nidhi is pursuing her Bachelors degree at Lady Shri Ram College and this is how she describes herself:
”I am impulsive.I am a little stubborn. I live to write and take pictures. I love to read minds. Call that an escape or a passion.
Introspection is my weakest strength and my strongest weakness”

This article is taken from Nidhi’s blog called ‘The Epiphany Of Spontaneity’:


2 comments on “To The Iron Lady: An open letter to Mamata Banerjee

  1. an@rky
    June 15, 2012

    @ nidhi…Just a small comment: the fox with the woolen coat was wise to the point of being wicked. If he had hunted and fed his kith , you would’ve cheered for him. You tend to belittle his achievements because he fed himself!!! The whole point is nothing can be classified as stark wrong or right/ black or white/bad or good especially in this world. There can be n degrees of realization and conciousness. Had Mamata been on the throne before CPM she would’ve done the same and we would have prayed for a CPM rule. As goes the saying “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Had it been you, had it been me, we would have done the same thing. It’s only by chance that a good ruler comes to the throne. In a nutshell, I’d say this world is utterly random. Our existence, our philosophies are utterly random..everything is random. There can’t be absolute certainty, there can’t be absolute truth, there can’t be absolute bad or good. Yeah, I understand this is high philosophy which will sink into you as you ripen with age..:) You have a knack of shouting when things don’t turn your way when you’re young but you’ll realize no point shouting over some random event..the wisest thing to do is to lie down and enjoy your beer!!! Cheers an@rky

  2. rlstine
    July 25, 2012

    I beg to differ. Mamata banerjee is a passionate politician. She was seen as a harbinger of change from the corrupt communist-by-name govt, something she has been able to justify to some extent. There have been sweeping changes in Kolkata politics, but not always for the better. Repression of the common man’s thoughts, and conveniently labeling them as insurgents is downright descpicable, and we must all criticize it. These measures taken for maintaining Trinamool’s authority over the downtrodden are regressive, not progressive, and the disillusioned people will not tolerate this situation for long. Indeed, they will take steps to oust this dictatorial govt, if these guys don’t mend their ways.
    Actually, Mamata has seen so much undemocratic steps hurled towards her in her struggle to topple the CPI(M), that she is somewhat estranged to the very concept of democracy, freedom of speech and basic rights. She has seen that repression is the quickest way to establish supremacy over her adversaries, political or otherwise. However, quickest ways are not the most efficient ones. Ends don’t justify the means, and she’s got to get this into her thick head that she cannot use force to stifle the voices which beg her to stop.

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