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Say hello to the summers!

By: Shivani Singh

The summers are here and considering the temperatures, they seem to have arrived a lot earlier than expected! Now before the soothsayers start giving their ‘we told you so’ look, (doomsday, anyone?) we’d better move on to other good things that the summers have to offer. Summers have their arresting charm- the sun shines making everything look bright and vibrant and the clear blue sky starts to look inviting. The sunshine filtering through the leaves gives us the impression of a dancing spotlight on the roofs of moving cars. Its time for the ice-cream vendors and juice walas to rejoice.

However, problems like sweat and tanning creep in. Tied up hair is back in fashion and the much loved boots are pushed deep inside the cupboard while the flip flops take over. The gym-going male crowd get a chance to flex their muscles in their tight t shirts. The umbrellas come out before monsoon and sunscreen sales rise like never before. Prickly heat powder advertisements take over our idiot boxes while ‘thanda thanda cool cool’ plays in your mind in a loop and you can’t help but wonder ‘thanda matlab coca cola’? The fruit flavoured drinks are there to quench our thirst and so are the aforementioned colas and of course, golas. If you think of summer, missing out on our favourite ripe golden mangoes is impossible. If winters make you love hot coffee then summers make you scream ‘mere paas coconut water hai’! Then comes summer break and we pack our bags and set off to those wonderful hill stations. Ah, the summers have arrived!

Image courtesy: Flickr

We have some tips for you, beat the heat, shall we?

1) Drink like a sailor: No we are not talking about alcohol here, lemonade, coconut water and sparkling water are what you need to keep sipping on to get the toxins out of your system and keep you fresh all day long.

2) Skip your pakoras and pizzas, spicy food and opt for a Greek salad and loads of fruits instead- low on calories and and good for the heat.

3) Get the sunglasses and umbrellas out, you cannot do without them. Who said umbrellas are for the rains only?

4) Sunscreen is a must. You don’t want to get sun-burnt, do you?

5) Girls, please avoid caking yourself in all that makeup. You are naturally pretty, accept it.

6) Take a shower EVERYDAY. You don’t want to end up smelling like a dirty sock, right?

7) Bring out your cotton dresses, shorts and tanks. Girls,now is the time to show off those long legs. Boys, you can go out in your shorts too!

8) Wear some fruity/flowery perfume to smell good all day long. A good cologne is a must for the men.

9) Don’t keep your hair open ladies, you would not like all the dust, grime and sweat inside it, we’re sure. The men can show off their crew cuts.

10) Go for a vacation! The hill stations await you.

Summer of 2012 is finally here and how! We hope it will be just as special as the summer of ’69!


2 comments on “Say hello to the summers!

  1. Ankit Saxena
    June 11, 2012

    It’s a cöøl article..thanks for reflecting the brighter side of summers and all those useful tips..:-)

  2. shivani
    June 11, 2012

    Thank you! You are most welcome.
    Keep reading! 🙂

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